Our Love // Hate Relationship with Stuff!!


Have you ever noticed how much we love to get stuff?  New stuff!  Old stuff!  Stuff we get from others!  Sometimes even stuff we drag out of an alley because we know ideas from Pinterest will help us save it!!  And then at some point our love of stuff is less shiny.  It turns into an inconvenience and pretty soon it is just a hassle.  Often when homeowners are ready for a change, they hesitate to make the change because of all the work involved in not only finding a new home, but getting out of their old one while maintaining their sanity.  Lynn Buys Houses can help.  First, we buy your Cheyenne // Laramie // northern Colorado home for cash.  Second we say "take what you want and leave the rest."  This is an easy way for you to move to the next stage of your life as painlessly as possible.  No packing what you don't want, no inspections, no appraisal, heck...you don't even have to sweep the floor!