A House's Life

We are privileged to meet so many wonderful Cheyenne neighbors who call to inquire about buying their house fast and for cash.  We are honored that they allow us to walk thru their homes and discuss their future.  We tailor our cash offers to fit each situation.  The offers obviously include paying cash and closing on their timeline, but more than that the offer often includes packing, moving and disposing of any items the home owners don't want to hassle with packing, moving or getting rid of.

Once we buy a house, we walk thru and try to visualize the life it had and can have and how it can be returned to its former glory.  What we always realize, though, is that regardless of the circumstances or the house's condition, at one time it was a huge part of a family's memories and life; we take the responsibility of the renovation seriously.  


Inherited Properties in Cheyenne, Wyoming

October 5, 2015

Cheyenne is a great place to grow up (ask how I know!), but often, those born in Cheyenne find greater opportunities elsewhere and leave the "nest."  This may create a dilemma when the sad reality of inheriting a property in a town you no longer live surfacesWhat do to with the possessions?  How to de clutter?  How to market the property to sell in the Cheyenne market? How to complete the cleaning, repairs, updates? What to do with the property?  Homeceptional Properties and Lynn Buys houses can help.  We are in Cheyenne and can offer you a variety of options to deal with the stress of an inherited property.  Call us today.

2 more properties almost done

We have been working diligently and have two more properties just about ready for their debut.  7252 Legacy Parkway will hit the market tomorrow and look for 940 Ridgeland Street by the end of the week.  These properties offer so many unique characteristics.  It was so much fun to see the transformation from where we started.  The renovations on these properties kept us busy but to see the final result is amazing!

Who will buy my house in Cheyenne, WY

It is a great time to sell your home in Cheyenne.  If you home is in excellent condition, in a great neighborhood and looks like a model home, it will fly off the market.  What if, however, your home has some issues or you don't have the time and money. Repairs and renovations can cost thousands and take a long time.  Staging your home can be a hassle and may cost additional funds. If these are things you are trying to avoid, there are other options. 

There are companies that specialize in purchasing homes with cash, at no cost to the seller.  You can close quickly, generally in a couple of weeks, and you do not need a realtor.  It doesn’t matter what shape your house is in.  You don’t have to keep the house in show ready condition.  If you are relocating and need to go quickly they often will take care of the stuff you leave behind. 

They will generally buy your home AS IS.  It doesn’t matter if you are facing foreclosure, trying to short sell, relocating, or just want the ease and convenience of selling to a cash buyer.

Ready to get more information.  Contact Homeceptional Properties LLC today for your FREE and NO Commitment consultation to see if your property is right for us.