After spending nearly 40 combined years working for the Wyoming Military Department, we took a big risk and started Lynn Buys Houses in 2013.  All we had going for us in 2013 was a heart for Cheyenne, our neighbors and wanting to help people out of difficult situations.  To say we didn't know what we were doing is an understatement.  Over the past several years we have learned so much about real estate and construction.  But what hasn't changed is our commitment to providing solutions to our neighbors; solutions which are tailor-made for each of our valued clients.   For every single client we are fortunate enough to work with, we commit to working as hard as we can to provide care and comfort as one chapter closes and another chapter with a path to achieving their best life opens.  Our commitment to quality extends beyond real estate investing to the quality of life in the communities we serve and we give back as much as we can.

The hardest part about the entire process is picking up the phone and calling 307 222 9885.  With that call we schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.  We spend a quick 10-15 minutes walking thru the property.  This walk thru is only focused on the "bones" of the house; no one should ever worry about not calling because they are worried about the condition of their house.  This walk thru enables us to come up with a cash offer.  The offer is all cash, closes around your timeline (as quick or as long as you need to make the transition), as-is condition and take what you want and leave the rest so you don't have to worry about disposing of items you no longer want or need--we will do all of that for you regardless of how little or how much there is.  If needed, we will even assist in packing and moving.  Whatever is needed, we will work to provide it all.

The offer itself is based on the most current real estate market and cost of repairs or updates.  In addition to making the process as easy as possible, our goal is to present the fairest offer possible.  We don't try to make all our profit on one house, but try to do many houses and make a little profit on each one.  

Shon Dermody

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I grew up in Estes Park, Colorado and graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Civil Engineering.  I served in the Army as a helicopter and small plane pilot and retired from the military after nearly 30 years.  I am an avid basketball fan and was blessed to spend over 20 years coaching youth basketball from beginner to advanced.  My love of basketball was inherited by my sons and Ryan  played at UW and Michael at LCCC.   I am the proud father of 4 (Ryan, Kristen married to Jeromy (both teachers in Cheyenne) and Michael) and step grandparent to 2 adorable girls.
My passion is in working with clients to solve financial and real estate problems that may seem hopeless.  I am skilled at identifying creative and workable solutions and applying them to the most complicated situations to make sure each one of our clients are well taken care of. 

Corey Lynn Loghry

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The first question people ask is "who is Lynn?"  We started the company when Shon was working in Afghanistan and Iraq and I was a little scared about using my first name.  So we decided to use my middle name and make her into a cartoon.  Who knew that would end up being so confusing!!  No worries, I answer to Corey and Lynn!

I am a 4th generation Cheyennite.  I ended a 23 career at the Wyoming Military Department transitioning to an entirely new career in house renovation.  One of the first houses renovated was my grandparent's house located on Warren Avenue.  Renovating this very special home from uninhabitable (no working bathrooms!) to beautiful, solidified that this process is only a little about houses and a lot about loving people.  I consider my greatest strength as my compassion and concern for people.  I am proud of my daughter, Bailey and son-in-law, Brentton, who also call Cheyenne their home and actually live in our favorite renovated homes!